AGNI Consulting a Certified SAP Service Partner and Authorized Reseller focusing on SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects BI, SAP NetWeaver BW, SAP Mobility and SAP Cloud.

AGNI Consulting’s SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions

AGNI Consulting’s SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions help you achieve remarkable results with Data-rich Dashboards and Analytics- powered by SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence


AGNI Consulting’s BusinessObjects BI solutions enable you to gain insight and unlock the full competitive strength of your business information and turn it into business growth. It provides you immediate access to reliable and real-time business data enabling you to make rapid decisions by providing you with intuitive, self-service access to business information.

AGNI Consulting implements BusinessObjects BI solutions with our Agile and flexible methodology, at reduced IT costs, to drive better decision making across your organization. Implementation of AGNI's BI solution can be tailored to your organization so that the reports, dashboards, and analytics are implemented within a few weeks. Business can easily access relevant information whenever and wherever, allowing you to act quickly to achieve immediate and remarkable results.

Our BI solutions provide a stable reporting and analysis foundation to help you to drive and adopt meaningful, compelling, highly interactive, role-based and insightful dashboards and BI applications that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via mobile.

Mobile BI delivers real-time visibility of big data and business information in a secure, interactive, visual and intuitive application. AGNI Consulting’s SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions provide comprehensive functionality for the following:


  • Understand complex information at a glance with interactive dashboards that convert raw data into clear and meaningful visual insight.
  • Track your metrics with custom dashboards - created using drag-and-drop tools.
  • Use gauges, charts, and 'what if' analysis to build understanding and drive decisions.
  • Connect with real-time data feeds directly from any data source.


  • Harness the full potential of your BI investment and mobile devices.
  • Minimal to no additional infrastructure required to make SAP BusinessObjects applications and reports mobile capable.
  • Reports with rich visualizations (geo-maps, interactive charts and dashboard-style reports).
  • Securely distribute reports to mobile devices by extending and enforcing BusinessObjects Platform security rules.


  • Equip decision makers with intuitive reporting and analysis solutions that help them understand and use complex information quickly.
  • Analyze data from diverse sources to identify trends and predict potential outcomes.
  • Format reports to help end users make immediate operational and strategic decisions.

Data Exploration

  • Empower your people to conduct intuitive searches and answer questions on the fly with our self-service data exploration solutions.
  • Search through enormous volumes of enterprise data instantly without help from IT.
  • Rely on guided search to help you discover relationships and uncover root causes.
  • Get started with rapid, scalable deployment that can be up and running quickly.

The key business benefits of AGNI Consulting’s BusinessObjects solutions are:


  • Improved Key performance indicators (KPI) tracking.
  • Real-time business intelligence from any data.
  • Dashboard and analytics are designed to make information consumption simple, and dynamic with personalization.
  • Faster and collaborative decision-making ability.
  • More accountability, with instant visibility of performance metrics and improved tracking.
  • Faster response time with real-time visibility of exceptions and events.
  • Answer new business questions with self-service and ad hoc reporting functionality.
  • High BI adoption and realization of ROI through published dashboards with real-time decision making capability.
  • Empowers users to uncover trends in new and unexpected areas.
  • Reduced IT backlog and free up-time for move value-added activities.
  • Accelerated ROI and reduced cost by leveraging existing IT investments.

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